My New AI Tool Savagely Roasts YouTube Scripts

Say goodbye to weak hooks and confusing plot details

Hey YouTubers!

Ever spent hours crafting a script, only to see your video underperform?

It’s not always a bad thumbnail or weak title. For a video to take off, you’ve GOT to have an engaging script.

Here’s the problem. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in writing a script that it becomes impossible to look objectively and find glaring issues.

Before putting in all that work to narrate and edit a video, what if you could hit a button and instantly detect any dull moments, confusing explanations, or major plot holes?

Would it increase the chances of a video going viral? I believe the answer is YES.

So, I came up with a solution.

Today I'm going to share with you a simple tool to help you save time and increase your video engagement. Be sure to stick around to the end, where I'll show you how to get early access.

Introducing Subscribr

Subscribr is like Grammarly for YouTube. The tool quickly identifies where your script needs help. It gives you actionable tips to improve narrative flow, hooks, and payoffs based on proven storytelling techniques.

It’s called Subscribr because it’s relentlessly focused on only one thing: crafting stories that are irresistible to your subscribers.

Using Subscribr is super simple. Just paste in your script and Subscribr gets to work analyzing the content.

Right away it’ll give you a few useful stats like the word count, estimated speaking time, reading grade level, and readability score. A quick glance at the readability score will tell you whether your phrasing and sentence structure is just the right level of simplicity to keep viewers engaged.

Then you get two types of analysis: Story and Engagement.

Story Analysis helps you identify:

  • Issues with the clarity or flow of the narrative

  • Weak connection to the intended audience

  • Opportunities to reduce complexity

  • Plot holes

Engagement Analysis helps you identify:

  • Pacing and rhythm issues

  • Weak hooks

  • Lack of strategic information gaps

  • Lack of emotional connection

In seconds, you’ll be able to identify any weak spots in your script and get specific recommendations for how to resolve them.

With a more engaging script in hand, you can feel much more confident moving into the narration and editing phase.

Who Subscribr Is For

Subscribr is designed for any YouTuber that creates scripted content in formats such as documentaries, product reviews, news commentary, fictional stories, and more.

Subscribr is PERFECT for running faceless automation channels. In fact, this is exactly why I built Subscribr—because I wanted to simplify the script review process. From day one you’ll have access to simple project management features and the ability to invite multiple team members, making it easy to invite external scriptwriters. With the time saved on script feedback, you’ll be one step closer to the dream of full automation.

How Subscribr Is Different From Other Tools

There’s no shortage of tools to generate titles and descriptions for YouTube videos. But Subscribr is different. Instead of looking only at the packaging, Subscribr goes MUCH deeper to analyze every single word of your script.

Where most YouTube tools like VidIQ and TubeBuddy are focused on quantitative analysis of video performance and emerging trends, Subscribr is focused on qualitative analysis of the content itself.

Subscribr is built upon the fundamentals of storytelling like plot, conflict, and pacing. But because YouTube is its own beast, Subscribr takes it even further to analyze the stuff that matters on YouTube: having the perfect blend of information gaps, re-engagement, and payoffs.

Can ChatGPT do this? Sort of. Even if you managed to create the perfect prompts, you’re still left with a workflow that’s cumbersome and not really optimal for a full YouTube production team. As I build out more of the Subscribr platform, it’ll become increasingly clear why Subscribr adds a ton of unique value tailored specifically to YouTube scriptwriting.

How To Get Access

Subscribr is currently in alpha release, which means it’s live and functionality but not quite ready for prime time . In the coming weeks I’ll gradually open the doors to additional testers as part of a full beta release.

To get early access to Subscribr, you can join the waitlist at


or to participate.