Finding the Best YouTube Tools Just Got Easier

Final product launch of 2023

As a YouTuber, having the right tools and apps can make all the difference in creating high quality, engaging videos quickly. But with new apps launching constantly, it can be incredibly time-consuming to find the best ones.

That's why I just launched YT Creator Tools, a free directory aimed at helping YouTubers discover the most useful video creation, analytics, ideation and editing apps available.

The Spark Behind YT Creator Tools

The idea for the site came after months of gradually discovering and testing different YouTube-related apps myself.

I realized there must be so many other great apps out there that I hadn't discovered yet.

So I decided to create a centralized place to list YouTube-related apps, saving creators countless hours of research.

How YT Creator Tools Works

YT Creator Tools organizes YouTube apps into categories like Analytics, Idea Generation, Thumbnails and more. You can browse apps by category or search for specific ones.

Each app listing includes key details like:

  • Description

  • Pricing info

  • Sample screenshots

  • User reviews

Over time, the quality of the reviews will allow the best apps to bubble up to the top of listings. This creates a meritocracy based on actual user experiences rather than who spends the most on marketing.

To prevent spam, there is an editorial process for adding new apps. But it's free, and I'll work quickly to get tools I think deliver real value listed.

Giving Back to the Creator Community

I built YT Creator Tools purely as a way to give back to YouTubers. While some of my own apps are listed, I won't ever discriminate against potential competitors.

To fund the ongoing costs of maintaining the site, there is an optional $100 upgrade for app developers. But if no one opts for it, I'm committed to keep YT Creator Tools running as a free resource.

My Goal for 2024

YT Creator Tools caps an exciting final 45 days of 2023 in which I built and released several other free tools for YouTubers:

✅ A chatbot 10x better than ChatGPT for YouTube channel analysis

✅ A YouTube guru checker to identify potential scams

✅ A script analysis tool for improving engagement of YT scripts

If I can ship this much in only 45 days, imagine what I can ship in an entire year!

By the end of January, the goal is to launch the first complete release of Subscribr as the ultimate scriptwriting platform for YouTubers.

Thank you for following along the journey, and as always, feel free to write with any comments/suggestions/ideas.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year 🥳🍾



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