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Now that I’ve assembled all the pieces of Subscribr’s scriptwriting workflow, it’s time to put it to the test.

I created the very first script using Subscribr by entering in a topic, unique angle, and the goals for my audience. In total I entered about 50 words of text.

After choosing a title, thumbnail idea, and hook, I was then able to generate an outline and finally an entire 1,200 word script. All in all, it took me about 5 minutes.


Here’s everything I typed into Subscribr to create this script:

The Full Script

This script is titled:

The DARK Obsession of Immortality Seekers

You can listen to it here:

1. Introduction to the Quest for Immortality

For centuries, people have been hooked on the idea of living forever. It sounds like something out of a movie, but it's true. There were kings and explorers who tried everything they could think of to avoid death. Now, enter Bryan Johnson, a modern entrepreneur who's not like the others. Bryan's taking a new road, using today's science and technology in his quest for immortality. Imagine trying to live forever by changing your body with science – that's what Bryan is doing. It's a far cry from drinking magic potions or searching for a mystical fountain of youth like adventurers from the past. People back then went to great lengths, but no one has ever succeeded. That makes you wonder, can Bryan do it? Or will he end up just another name in the long list of those who tried and failed? This story isn't just about someone trying not to age; it's a new chapter in the age-old dream of living forever.

2. Historical Attempts at Immortality

Imagine setting off on a journey, not for gold or glory, but to find a magical water source said to hold the secret to eternal youth. This was the mission believed to be led by Ponce de León, a Spanish explorer. Though historians now debate whether he truly sought the Fountain of Youth, this tale captures our fascination with living forever. León's quest, real or not, ended without finding the mythical fountain, a testament to the elusive nature of immortality.

Traveling back in time before León, in ancient China, there was a powerful emperor named Qin Shi Huang. Fearful of death and obsessed with living eternally, he sent hundreds on quests to find an elixir of life. Qin even ingested mercury, thinking it held the secret to longevity. Sadly, this decision led to his untimely death, highlighting the desperate and often dangerous attempts at achieving immortality. 

But it's not just these famous figures who have tried to dodge the grip of death. Throughout history, many have gone to great lengths in their search for everlasting life. From alchemists attempting to create a philosopher's stone that grants immortality, to modern scientists looking to freeze humans until a time when death can be reversed, the quest continues. Each story, filled with hope and often ending in tragedy, shows the great lengths to which people will go to avoid the inevitable.

These tales of ancient quests and bold, yet futile attempts serve as a reminder of humanity's enduring fascination with living forever. Even though each story ends in failure, they fuel the curiosity of today's tech entrepreneurs and scientists, like Bryan Johnson, who dare to dream of turning the impossible into reality. As we look into Bryan's journey, we're reminded of those who came before him, each chapter a blend of ambition, determination, and the timeless human desire to conquer death itself.

3. Bryan Johnson's Modern Approach

Meet Bryan Johnson, a modern-day adventurer on a unique mission. Unlike the explorers and kings of the past who dreamed of living forever, Bryan is taking a different path. Unlike Ponce de León, who searched for the mythical Fountain of Youth, Bryan dives deep into the world of biotech. Bryan isn't just any entrepreneur; he founded a company aiming to make people's bodies healthier for longer, maybe even forever.

Bryan's journey into biotech wasn't out of the blue. He made his wealth by starting a company that he later sold for a lot of money. With this money, he decided to tackle one of humanity's biggest challenges: aging. Bryan believes that with the right scientific and technological breakthroughs, we can stop or even reverse aging. This idea might sound like something out of a science fiction book, but Bryan is serious about it.

The methods Bryan is exploring are straight out of the future. Instead of magic potions or legendary springs, he's looking at things like gene editing, special diets, and fancy machines to track how cells age. He's gathering a team of scientists and experts who are working on ways to make our bodies last longer than ever before.

What makes Bryan's quest so different from those before him? For starters, he's not relying on myths or rumors. Everything he's doing is based on science and technology. He's not searching for a secret elixir hidden in some far-off land. Instead, he's using what we know about biology and tech to try and solve the puzzle of aging.

Think about it: Bryan's not just dreaming of immortality; he's working to make our bodies healthier and stronger, using tools and knowledge that ancient seekers of eternal life could only imagine. It's a modern approach to an age-old desire, and who knows? Bryan Johnson might just be the one to prove that history's failed attempts were only stepping stones to success.

4. Challenges and Skepticism

The journey to live forever is filled with huge mountains to climb. Think about it: trying to stop aging isn't just a science problem. It's also a puzzle about what's right and wrong. Imagine if only rich people could afford to live forever. What would that mean for everyone else? There's a lot to think about.

Science has come a long way, but living forever? That's a big challenge. Scientists today are making amazing discoveries about how our bodies work and how we age. But, turning those discoveries into a real way to stop aging is super hard. Some experts say we're getting closer, but others aren't so sure. They worry about what it means to mess with nature's plan.

And then, there's what people think. Not everyone believes living forever is a good idea. Some say it's just not possible. Others think it's not right, no matter if we can do it. They say there's a balance to life and death that we shouldn't mess with.

We talked to experts in science and what's right and wrong. A lot of them say going after immortality is like opening Pandora's box. There's a lot we don't know and can't predict. What happens to the planet if nobody ever dies? How would we all get along?

It's no surprise that people have big questions and doubts about the chase for immortality. From what we can tell, Bryan Johnson has his work cut out for him. But hey, pushing the limits is what being an entrepreneur is all about, right?

5. Conclusion: The Future of Immortality

In our journey through the ages, we've seen many try and fail to find the secret to living forever. From ancient rulers to modern entrepreneurs like Bryan Johnson, the quest for immortality has been filled with mystery and countless challenges. But what have we learned from these stories?

Firstly, achieving immortality is no simple task. History shows us it's full of risks and often ends in disappointment. Despite advanced technology and smart minds at work today, we must ask: Is it really possible? Or are we chasing a dream that's as old as humanity itself?

Bryan Johnson's approach shows us that the desire to live forever hasn't faded. But unlike past attempts, he uses cutting-edge science. This makes us wonder, could he be the one to finally crack the code? Or will history repeat itself, with his efforts added to the long list of failed attempts?

Let's think about what it means if someone actually succeeds. The idea of living forever might sound cool, but it brings up big questions. For instance, how would it change the way we live our lives? What would it mean for our planet if nobody ever died?

So, as we wrap up, remember the lessons from those who tried before Bryan Johnson. And think deeply about whether chasing immortality is the path we should really be on. What would you do if you could live forever? Is that a future you'd want?

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