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How I Gained 50K Views and 100 Waitlist Signups with One Tweet


What an exciting week!

After posting a viral tweet analyzing a wildly popular David Blaine video, the Subscribr waitlist blew up.

This single tweet brought in over 50,000 views and 250 new followers almost overnight! The Subscribr waitlist also jumped from around 40 people to over 100, with many saying they want to try Subscribr urgently. I'll be inviting another 10 people into the beta test today so they can kick the tires.

The great news is I now have a repeatable template for creating these viral video script breakdowns. By posting one every week or two, I can keep shining a spotlight on Subscribr in a very niche-specific way. After all, these script teardowns are exactly what Subscribr aims to do—analyze and improve YouTube scripts.

I did a followup tweet just to let all my new followers know exactly what I’m building. If you are new to my email list and not quite sure what Subscribr is about, here’s a quick summary:

I’m also getting lots of DMs like these:

My goal for January is to hunker down and finish building version 1 of Subscribr in order to launch sometime in February. This means spending almost all my time coding new features and enhancements. It's tempting to keep focusing on marketing, but without a finished product to sell, momentum can fade fast.

Aside from coding, the one other thing I’ll be doing is running a pre-sale campaign for the first 50 customers at INSANE discounts. Pricing will be tiered, starting at just $150 for a lifetime subscription (instead of $1000+ annually)!

Compared to the cost of a scriptwriter at $20-50 or more per video, this will pay off fast. The early adopters will get the best deal ever, a deal that I’ll probably lose money on. In exchange, I’m hoping to get valuable feedback to improve Subscribr as I build. I’m also hoping they will also consider sharing testimonials if they find value in the product.

Rough math here…If I can pre-sell to 50 early adopters at an average of $350 each—factoring increasing prices throughout the presale—I'll generate around $17,500 before launch day . This capital will enable me to stay heads down focused on building the best YouTube scriptwriting platform possible, instead of rushing out a release that isn’t quite where I want it to be.

For now though, I need to disappear into monk mode for a few weeks. Black hoodie on, sitting in my dark cave obsessing over code—just like any good hacker movie.

The Subscribr roadmap and features backlog are locked and loaded. I'll check back in once there's more momentum worth sharing! If you want to follow the journey in the meantime, make sure to join the waitlist.



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