How One Lead Magnet Changed My Trajectory

Wow - the past week has been a rollercoaster ride! Let me take you through the ups and downs of the journey:

I spent $250 and a full week creating a special lead magnet as a gift for my audience. I analyzed over 400 videos from a mega popular YouTuber named Iman Gadzi who has 4 million followers.

I wanted to crack the code on why his videos go so viral. I tracked tons of details like length, hooks, tones, narratives, and more. Then I built an interactive Notion database and Looker Studio analytics dashboard to showcase all this data.

I hoped this gift for YouTube creators would go viral too. I launched it on Tuesday morning and watched eagerly as the numbers trickled in.

By noon only 1500 people had looked at it. I started stressing! I needed over 50,000 views to consider it worth all the effort.

But by late afternoon - 9,000 views! It was starting to pick up steem.

By Wednesday... 67,000 views!! My X followers and (more importantly) the Subscribr waitlist doubled.

In the end, the Iman Gadzhi analysis totally paid off. It got creators excited about the videos insights. And it fueled a huge boost in people hearing about Subscribr for the first time.

If you’d like to check out the analysis for yourself, you can find it here.

A curious thing happened when I asked whether people would like to see more like this. I posted a question and got an overwhelming response:

Now I'm taking the insights tool and making it part of Subscribr itself. Folks clearly love decoding videos. So Subscribr will let them break down their own and others for patterns.

I’m going to release this tool next week as the first introduction to the Subscribr app itself. Creators will be able to sign up and analyze a few videos, for free. After that, they’ll have the option of earning more credits by sharing the tool with their friends.

I'm hoping this new tool will rocket my waiting list from 250 subscribers today to over 1000 in the next couple weeks. That should generate the buzz I need for a hugely successful launch.

Positive feedback has been rolling in. It’s great to see some market validation:

This whirlwind week took my project to the next level. Now fingers crossed the rest goes smoothly leading up to the Subscribr presale in a couple weeks.



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