I Went Viral This Week

And secured my first alpha testers for Subscribr


I've got some exciting news - I finally tasted my first bit of success this week.

Building a brand from nothing in a new industry is hard work. And for the first few weeks, it felt like I was going nowhere.

But this week, something clicked. I saw a discussion happening on X about the proliferation of shady YouTube gurus promising how easy it is to make money on YouTube, while selling courses to make a quick buck.

But no one was offering any solutions. A lightbulb went off in my head. For several days I worked like a banshee to launch a simple app that helps YouTubers spot shady "gurus" selling courses.

I shared it on X and immediately got attention from big YouTube influencers. They were resharing my post and commenting about how useful it was. Overnight, my X subscriber count doubled!

Because I was banking on this tool going viral, I took the time to create a really nice landing page for Subscribr that incorporates all of the real estate I’ve created: from a link to this newsletter, to my YouTube GPT bot, the Guru Checker, and most importantly a link to Join the Waitlist for Subscribr.

This helped me secure the first 5-10 alpha testers, which was the goal all along. Now I need to hurry and add some finishing touches so I can kickstart the testing process.

Of course, this is just the beginning. I want to ride this momentum as far as it'll take me.

For the next few weeks, I'm going full steam ahead on Subscribr development. I'll keep gathering feedback to ensure I'm building something people genuinely want.

And I'm now exploring launching my own faceless YouTube channel using Subscribr. Having an app that handles the heavy lifting could make running my own faceless automation channels feasible. This is a key part of my strategy: dogfooding my own product while creating a second potential income stream. Whether the app itself or the channels I create is the one that brings me success, one of them surely has to work!

I still feel over the moon about this week. I finally have momentum. But I know the grind isn't over. When things get hard again, I'll look back at this special week for motivation.

Just wanted to share the good news and send positive vibes to anyone else still struggling to gain traction. Your time is coming.


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