I'm Building in Public

What if you were so committed to a dream that you acted as if it were real today?

Only…what if you were still in the middle of said dream, still discovering where it might lead?

This is exactly how I feel today. This dream is the reality I’ll be living over the next 6 months. A dream I’ll be narrating along the way.

On the journey to build my next software company, I’m building in public.

What exactly does that mean? Watch this video to learn more:

Every week I’ll share a quick note updating you on my journey. You’ll be the first to see:

  • Product ideas

  • Mockups

  • Business models

  • Prototypes

  • Customer discovery conversations

  • Launch strategy

  • And tons of practical tips for entrepreneurs based on my 20+ years of running software companies

In the next 6 months, I’ve set a goal to reach $250k in gross sales or $20,000/mo in recurring revenue.

But even if this next venture doesn’t succeed, maybe it’ll at least make for good entertainment 😅

Seriously though…there’s a reason why I’m doing this. The truth is…I need your help.

Building a company is hard. Like really, really hard. To stand any chance of succeeding, I need every edge I can get. And there’s no greater edge than the support of a smart, passionate community.

Whether it’s feedback on product strategy, a connection to a potential customer, or simply to share in the ups and downs, I’m going to work like a machine and be as candid as I can in order to earn your support.

Just think…what if this company does succeed? You’ll have a front row seat to what it takes to grow a business from zero to one. It’d be like standing front row on March 19, 1988 at the Community World Theater in Tacoma, WA for Nirvana’s first live show. Wild.

And if it doesn’t succeed? Well, you’ll get to see all the gritty details of why it didn’t work, so you can avoid the same failures in your business.

By now you’re probably wondering what exactly *is* this new business he’s starting? I get it…if I’m going to build software for house painters to detect how long it’ll take for paint to dry…you’re out.

While I won’t be able to fully disclose the idea for a couple more weeks, one thing I can say is that I’m building software to help entrepreneurs find blind spots in their business.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, here are 3 things you can do today to follow along:

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  2. Subscribe on YouTube - There’s no greater medium than video to create meaningful connection. I’ll be regularly posting on YouTube to keep you updated on the journey and to share the findings I’ve discovered along the way.

  3. Share this with 2 entrepreneurs in your life - Entrepreneurship is an incredibly lonely journey, which is the big reason why I’m building in public. Regardless of where this project goes, I promise there will be plenty of interesting lessons, data points, and inspiration for entrepreneurs along the way. Help me to help other entrepreneurs by sharing this far and wide. As a special incentive, subscribers who share the newsletter with just 2 more entrepreneurs will get access to my Inner Circle, where I’ll be sharing the juiciest data, plans, and templates used to grow my business.

Thanks for tuning in.


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