My First 250 App Users


My head is still spinning from everything that happened this week.

Let's recap the latest insane chapter:

Less than 2 weeks ago, I broke down 400+ videos from mega YouTube star Iman Gadzi to understand his magic formula. People found the data analysis and insights captivating, leading to a rapidly growing following on X and over 100 new people on the Subscribr waitlist.

I realized it wasn't the stats themselves - it was the ability to actively dissect videos that had creators hooked. This was further validated when I put out a tweet asking if people wanted just that tool:

With over 100 likes, I figured it was worth a try. So I built that analysis into Subscribr itself, letting people breakdown their own or competitors' content.

This would be the first time that people actually created an account within the Subscribr app itself, so it took me a few days of preparing the app for production, including lots of loose ends like a robust logging system, analytics tracking, and a built-in feedback tool (which people have already started using).

These video breakdowns are quite expensive in terms of AI usage, so I had to put some kind of limiter on it. I decided on a credit system, with each new user getting 3 credits. At launch, the only way to receive more credits is to refer friends, with each new friend earning you 5 more credits.

I unveiled this new video breakdown tool on Tuesday. The launch tweet went so viral so fast, it was hard to sleep that night.

Over 80,000 views. Once again nearly doubled my X followers - this time taking me over 1,500. The waiting list doubled to 400 subscribers. 250 people registered in the app. And I'm fielding constant DMs from people itching to try Subscribr the moment it’s ready.

This confirms I'm building something totally unique that solves real creator problems. The feedback and positive sentiment is off the charts.

My biggest remaining question is cost sensitivity. Sophisticated AI doesn’t come cheap, especially at the scale I utilize it. The cost structure is very different from most SaaS products where there is almost no added cost to serve more customers. As a result, I need to price based on the value of time savings, not typical software economics. But will sticker shock deter signups?

No matter what, this wild ride has Subscribr leagues closer to a successful commercial launch. I'm working full speed to finish locking in the core functionality before unveiling it widely next month.

Every metric trending upward tells me I’m on the right track. As long as I stay heads down focused, success is inevitable.


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