Momentum or Death

What’s taking so long?!

Finishing up v1 of Subscribr is literally the first thing I think about when I wake up every morning. Coding is my comfort zone, and it’s just so rewarding to build a new app.

But then logic kicks in, and I resist the urge to disappear into my coding cave.

Here's why: no matter how amazing Subscribr might be, it won't matter one bit if no one knows about it. Distribution is everything right now. I need to sell out the first 50 pre-sale subscriptions to generate some urgently-needed cash and momentum. I’m determined to build the best product possible, and to do that I need the support of early customers.

That’s why I can't risk letting my foot off the marketing pedal - even for a minute. If I stop pushing on distribution, it's game over. No more momentum, no more traction, no more money, no more business. All the work I've done to build an audience goes straight down the drain.

So the coding will have to wait just a little bit longer. But I've got a plan to keep driving momentum:

First, I know I can't sustain this pace alone indefinitely. As a solopreneur, hiring isn't exactly in the cards right now. But I brought on a talented copywriter for a one-month push to keep my socials running full speed while I shift focus.

This will let me zone in on completing the software itself, demo video, and everything else needed for a successful launch. Rather than total polish, it just has to look good enough to showcase the concept and get people excited.

And I've got an ace up my sleeve when it comes to continually stoking market excitement:

Remember my viral tweet critiquing the script of that David Blaine documentary that got an insane 50k views? I need more lightning strikes like that, ideally one per week between now and launch.

Rather than analyze just one random script per week, I've cooked up something even better. I built a tool that can digest the transcripts of hundreds of YouTube videos at once. It detects key data like tone, language patterns, niches, hook techniques, call-to-action placement, and more.

Here's my big idea: Analyze a hundred of the most viral videos around a specific theme -- challenges, tutorials, documentaries etc. Dig into what exactly makes them tick and stand out from the crowd.

Identify the common threads that defy conventional YouTube wisdom and contribute to their success. Boil it all down into shareable insights. Then, give people access to the full database so they can filter and explore based on their niche and interests.

Rinse and repeat this formula weekly, each time targeting a different video genre and community. This steady stream of insights and free tools will keep expanding Subscribr's audience as we drive towards launch.

I'll work closely with my copywriter to optimize these giveaways for maximum social engagement. I truly think they could blow up even bigger than my first one!

Finally - I know some people doubt whether AI can actually write decent YouTube scripts. But they've only experimented with generic models like ChatGPT that are totally unfit for the task. With thousands of viral video transcripts as training data, Subscribr will have unparalleled insight into what works.

So while the wait feels agonizing, I'm confident this is the right path. Just one month to go! Hopefully we see another surge of 15-20 waiting list signups this week thanks to ramped up promotion. Steady progress until everything culminates in a huge launch at the end of February!

Talk soon, Gil

P.S. Here’s a preview of what Subscribr v1 is going to look like:


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